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YUM Commands


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    $yum repolist                   #to list all the repositories

    $yumdownloader q*      #to download packages with the name start with q

    $createrepo  test1          #to change the directory to repository, will generate the indexes inside the test1 report with the name of (repodata)

    $yum search nmap       # to search about the packages in the local repository

    $yum remove httpd     # to remove package

    $yum list      or yum list |grep ntfs or  yum list |grep httpd                 # to show all the packages  lists that are available including the repo details

    $yum provides */htt                   # if you are not sure about the exact package name, then you can use this command to search in the content , because normal yum search will search in the package name and description but not in the contents that is why we are using yum provides */name

    Note: htt anything you are looking for, to search about.

    $yum update kernal         # will update just the kernel package

    $yum update     # will compare the current software version installed in my system with the version that available in the internet.




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