Drive Warning: /dev/sda3 disk space is full

root@server2 [/usr]# cd local
root@server2 [/usr/local]# du -h --max-depth=1
2.8M    ./include
28K     ./man
33M     ./frontpage
15M     ./Zend
4.2M    ./lib
64K     ./les
3.0G    ./cpanel
360K    ./sim
6.0M    ./src
8.0K    ./games
66M     ./apache.backup_archive
108K    ./bandmin
1.7M    ./cpanel-rollback
35M     ./apache.backup
24K     ./sbin
12K     ./etc
15M     ./bin
40K     ./spri
152K    ./bfd
2.0M    ./IonCube
344K    ./share
8.0K    ./libexec
332M    ./apache
1005M   ./BUAgent

try to find the logs file, or which folder that using big size.

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  1. ikea Says:

    yes, it’s true. I totally agree

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