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Plesk installation.

1. Go to http://www.parallels.com/download/plesk9 to look for installation file
2. create folder “Plesk” for installation file
a. create plesk folder in /root
b. #mkdir plesk
c. #cd plesk
3. command to download the installation file
a. #wget
4. command to change the file permission before install
a. #chmod +x parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_CentOS_5_x86_64
5. command to start install
a. #./ parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_CentOS_5_x86_64
6. install the necessary packages
a. PHP 5 support, ASP, backup manager, webmail
7. installation complete approximately 2 hours
8. after done install, Browse URL
a. https://IP:8443
b. enter username:admin
c. password:setup
9. Enter personal information
a. Company Name: Your company name
b. Contact Name: My Domains
c. Email: sreport@domain.com
d. office address
e. office location
f. State/province: Kuala Lumpur
g. Country: Malaysia

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