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This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

This kind of issue will be happen in windows server 2003 IIS6

if you faced the issue then refer to below solution

1- RDC to the server go to IIS then select the domain and right click on the domain then select proprites

2- go to Documents and select the default page

3- go to home directory in properties  and make the appliction pool = the domain name

and excute permission = scripts only

4- go to directory security in properties of the domain in IIS6, click edit under authentication and access control

change the username to domain.com_web  and you can reset the password for this username from right click on my computer and press on manage, then select local users and groups then you will be able to reset the password

after that try to test the site, you will find it fix already

check all the steps, if not fix then drop me email to my email, you can find the email in contact us.

Thank you.

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