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export emails and password from SmarterMail

1- you need to go to smartermail and select the domain and create postmaster email and make it as admin not a user.

2- you need to download this softwar (TSMADump)  from this URL


3- put this software in c:/TSMADump.exe

4- go to command prompt then run this command

TSMADump.exe /ouser.txt user password

ouser.txt the file that will save the password and emails there mean your domain same like or

passowrd mean your postmaster email password

that is all then you will find the file ouser.txt in c:/ and have all the passwords and emails

have a nice day.


2 Responses to “export emails and password from SmarterMail”

  1. tweakservers Says:

    you could also direct copy the entire folders over to the new Smartermail mail server and reload the domain via Smartermail admin. This should get it work as well.

    Check out SmarterMail v8 which is just release for stable on 03 March 2011 at

  2. Spyros Spyriadis Says:

    You can also try this little utility.

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