Delayed email delivery in smartermail


My first guess would be using SpamAssassin as part of your anti-spam administration is causing the slowness you are seeing.  It is a known fact that this feature is very limited for SmarterMail on Windows servers due to the lack of multi-threading.  You can verify this by logging into SmarterMail as the administrator and select to manage the spool.  While viewing the spool, on the right it will tell you the status of the message and if it states something along the lines as ‘Spam check’, that means that the message is caught in one of the anti-spam choices (which could be SpamAssassin).  To test if SpamAssassin is the problem, you can disable the service in SmarterMail by doing the following:
1) Login into SmarterMail administrative interface.
2) Click on Security Tab.
3) Click on Anti-Spam Administration.
4) Check the box for SpamAssassin.
5) Click save button to modify the updates.


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