Exim – retry time not reached for any host after a long failure period

well i found a fix for it, and given I’m seeing this on 2 servers and what the actual problem turned out to be I know more will see it, or might even be suffering it and just assume all those queued messages are bad…..

SSH into your server under root and run this

iptables -L | more

i found this line under chain OUTPUT

target prot opt source destination ACCEPT tcp — anywhere localhost tcp dpt:smtp REJECT tcp — anywhere anywhere tcp dpt:smtp reject-

to get rid of it i ran these commands

iptables -D OUTPUT 2
iptables -D OUTPUT 1

emailed flowed correctly after that.

what i found out is the SMTP tweak was enabled and was adding that line on startup.

Thanks to lifeisboost on WHT forums for the answer. Absolutely correct. After this my outbound queue cleared out and email works perfect again.

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