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Migration from Linux to Linux server.

1- ssh to the source linux server

2- cd /home

3- package the account using the following command:

/scripts/pkgacct domainname

4- transfer the account to the distenation server using the following command

scp -P Distenation port  pakagename  root@distenationIP:/root

for example : scp -P 55000 cpmove-alzweac.tar.gz root@

then will ask you yes or not then after that ask you about the distenation password

now SSH to the distenation server

cd /root

then you will find the pakage in the root , you will find cpmove-alzweac.tar.gz

then extract the pakage using the following command:

/scripts/restorepkg cpmove-alzweac.tar.gz

you can test the website if working or not using the following commad  if working then do the next step

5- That as all,, done the migration, now you need to go to the old server WHM and change the DNS pointing to the distenation server.

Thank you.

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