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Hide home ip from header to avoid Spamhaus Policy Block List

in WHM -> Exim Configuration -> Advanced Editor

Add the following in the first box:


received_header_text = Received: ${if def:sender_rcvhost {from ${if def:authenticated_id {localhost}{$sender_rcvhost}}\n\t}{${if def:sender_ident {from ${quote_local_part:$sender_ident} }}}}by $primary_hostname ${if def:received_protocol {with $received_protcol}} ${if def:tls_cipher {($tls_cipher)\n\t}}(Exim $version_number)\n\t${if def:sender_address {(envelope-from <$sender_address>)\n\t}}id $message_exim_id${if def:received_for {\n\tfor $received_for}}




If the message is from an authenticated user, it will display “localhost” instead of the senders home ip address, thus resolving the issue.


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