The encoded file /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/www/ionctestlicense.php requires a license file rvsitebuilder.lic.

Please contact your provider to force update using the following instruction.
1. SSH to the server as root and run this command.

rm -f /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/var/INSTALL_COMPLETE.php
rm -f /var/cpanel/rvglobalsoft/rvsitebuilder/rvsitebuilderversion.txt
perl /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/rvsitebuilderinstaller/autoinstaller.cgi

2. Go to root WHM/RVSiteBuilder, it will automatically rebuild the database for you.

To force update both steps need to be done. It still keeps your previous data, configuration and translation (given that you do not edit files directly but edit from RVSiteBuilder Manager). If doesn’t work, please submit me the login information to the account in question or attach me the snapshot of what you did and its result.

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  1. ezaidy Says:

    thanks for the solution man!!

  2. ayad Says:

    You are welcome,, you still in malaca? 😀

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