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Install tomcat in linux server WHM

1- WHM>> then easyapache then follow the step and select tomcat


you can run below scripts in SSH


then follow

after done you need to go to WHM >> install servlets>> then select the domain that you want to enable it to use tomcat and press install .

after done that you can test using below code

code should be .jsp for example test.jsp in your domain


<title>Hello from JSP</title>
String message = “Hello, World. From JSP test page Tomcat is running.”;
<hr color=”#000000″ />
<h2><font color=”#3366cc”><%= message%></font></h2>
<h3><font color=”#0000ff”><%= new java.util.Date() %> </font></h3>
<hr color=”#000000″ />


tomcat use for jsp, to make your website support jsp code


Thank you.

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