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Spam with mail enable windos 2003

MTA his work to fillter messgae if have spam,, all the meessage will come to SMTP.. coz his work recive massge

MTA will connectt with SMTP to fillter spam massge before go to costomer

in order to make connection bettwen SMTP and MTA we shoud go to (ME spam C) in the programs,,,,then we check the connection

if no connection then we go to MX uptime ==Mxspam in the programs then we stop the service and we strart after that we go back to
MEspamc then we check the connection ,,we will see the connection is ok,,and we go to mespamc ==contct filtering then we make redirct
message 6 ,,that mean if spam more than 6 we should send it to this folder(u can see the folder down in the redirction page.

by Ayad

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